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Updated May 29 2001 by Pierre Gander


Here are the different models of the Bit synthesizers. There is a story about Crumar, Bit, GEM, and Unique at

Crumar Bit One

Synthesizer with keyboard. Only available in black (picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5). The Bit One has a similar sound architecture compared to the Bit 99 and Bit 01, but has a differently organised parameter structure.

Crumar Bit 99

"Programmable polyphonic touch sensitive synthesizer" with keyboard. Available in white (picture 1, picture 2) and black (picture of my Bit 99). Here is an ASCII version of the plate attached to the back of my Bit 99.

Crumar Bit 01

Rack mount synthesizer module. Available in white (picture) and black. The Bit 01 is the rack mount version on the Bit 99. Their sound architecture and parameter organisation is identical. The only difference is their model ID numbers used in MIDI system exclusive communication: 2 for Bit 99 and 1 for Bit 01. The Bit 01 lacks a MIDI out port and has only a MIDI in and thru.