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Updated Jan 17 2000 by Pierre Gander

Goals of this page

I set up this page in order to get help from people to achieve the following goals:
  • Inform about Bit One, Bit 99, and Bit 01, and structure information already available on the WWW
  • Specify the differences between Bit One/Bit 99/Bit 01
  • Obtain the factory presets as raw system exclusive data (and also have sounds made by users)
  • Solve the following problem with a discrepancy between what my Bit 99 says on the front panel, and what is found in its system exclusive program dump. How come my Bit 99 consistently says 28 on the front panel, but 29 in the sysex dump, for parameter 32 (for factory preset program no 1)? (This problem is just for parameters 32 and 43, all others are ok.) Anyone familiar with this? Does my Bit 99 have a hardware problem?
    Ok, here are even more details about the problem:
    For a value of 28 on parameter 32 (according to the Bit front panel) the two corresponding bytes looks like this in the sysex transmission: 00001000 0001110 (Hex: 08 0E). When combined into one byte, according to the manual, the result is this byte: 1110 1000 (Hex: E8, Dec: 232). Ignoring the three right-most bits (as the manual states) gives a value of 29. But this isn't the value on the Bit front panel - it differs with 1!